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One day a few months ago, I was browsing Goodreads when I came across a book review that someone had written about a book called The Elphite.

Lori’s Review:

Think of the movie Groundhog Day, that’s what first comes to mind when you start reading The Elphite–a name that will be revealed later. But unlike the movie Groundhog Day, it’s not just a day, no; it’s your whole life. Wait. I take it back, because this story is not as simple as that. Be prepared to go on a journey, one that teaches while it entertains and nothing is what it appears to be.As soon as you think you’ve got this story figured out, the author throws a few curve balls. Make sure you duck so you won’t be hit 🙂 This was indeed a delightful novel and kept me eagerly cheering for Ellie and her life. That she would finally be able to live it to the fullest.I shed a few tears and learned some precious lessons along the way. Thank you Michelle Gordon, I now realize I’m loved, awake and alive.”

Ok, so that had my attention. I clicked over to read the book’s description and saw this:

Ellie’s life is just one long, bad case of déjà vu. She has lived her life before – a hundred times before – and she remembers each and every lifetime. Each time, she has changed things, but has never managed to change the ending. This time, in this life, she hopes that it will be different. So she makes the biggest change of all – she tries to avoid meeting him. Her soulmate. The love of her life. Because maybe if they don’t meet, she can finally change her destiny. But fate has other ideas…”

By this point, I was sold! I really wanted to read the book. For some reason unknown even to me, I decided to contact the author (Michelle Gordon) and ask if there was any way I could get a copy of it to do a review. I tell you, I don’t know WHY I did this. I had never done it before. It seemed super bold. And I didn’t expect a yes. But Michelle was super sweet and even excited and she agreed to send me a print copy all the way from the UK. She even signed it for me and included a cute bookmark. Yay!

I am so glad that I did decide to write to her, because this book is just…amazing. You guys have probably noticed that I like books that have a sort of mystical undertone. This book is categorized as Visionary Fiction. I had never heard of that genre before, but I love it! The story between Ellie and her soulmate is beautifully presented. You really get sucked into the story as you travel with Ellie through her lives. You experience her fears and frustrations; her love and her struggle to avoid love; her joy and her pain. And then…the plot twists! Oh, the plot twists! There were times when I had to stop reading and message Michelle about something that had just happened. I can’t even really put much about the plot or the characters for fear of ruining the story. but, trust me, the story is worth the read!!!

However, what REALLY resonated deeply with me are the lessons and themes that are weaved throughout the story. The idea of not letting regret over the past or fear of the future dictate your life. of being fully present in the moment and enjoying it. About how much more we can enjoy life when we put on blinders and focus on what is right in front of us. About how much of an effect our thoughts and words can impact the direction of our lives. About letting go of pain and negativity and allowing yourself to experience the fullness that life has to offer you. This book is the perfect combination of great characters, an interesting plot, inspiration, and important life lessons. It really made me stop and think about my life and the way I view things. It made me reflect on three facts: “I am awake. I am alive. I am loved’.

Here is just one great quote from the book:

let go quote elphite

Overall, I loved this book and what it has taught me. I highly recommend it!

You can get the newly revamped edition of this book very soon! Michelle has put together several her books into a collection called the Visionary Collection, which will be released in June. She shared the new covers with me a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. In addition to The Elphite, the books in the collection include  Heaven dot com, and  The Doorway to PAM. These stories center on such things as alternate dimensions, parallel universes, and life after death — with the underlying theme of love flowing through them all.

Check out the beautiful new cover!

The new cover for The Elphite" So pretty!

The new cover for The Elphite” So pretty!

If you would like to see the covers for the entire Visionary Fiction collection, check out Michelle’s blog post here. She talks about the new covers as well as her upcoming international book tour where she will be promoting her new book, I’m Here.



Michelle is a visionary Fiction author of 7 books. She is the author of 3 books in the Visionary Fiction collection,  Heaven dot comThe Doorway to PAM and The Elphite. The fourth book in the collection, I’m Here, will be released in June. (P.S. Keep an eye out for that review). Michelle is also the author of the Earth Angel Series, which includes The Earth Angel Training AcademyThe Earth Angel Awakening, and The Other Side. She also serves as a publishing mentor for other indie authors through her company The Amethyst Angel. You can check out her author website and her blog for more details. Also, feel free to check out my recent interview with Michelle. You know it was great when it lasted for 3 hours! She is a great person to get to know.


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