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So…I suck. I am a horrible procrastinator and should be punished. It has been who knows how long since I actually updated my blog. Which is pretty foolish of me since I pay $10 each month to keep it going. That’s more than a trip to the buffet for me AND my son. I’m throwing away food. It’s so bad that I even forgot my login info. Yeahhhhh.

Despite what my apparent laziness might imply, this blog is actually important to me. It started off as just a way to record my life a s a first time mom. But it has blossomed into something more for me. Not more meaningful, because being a mom is definitely the most meaningful thing that has happened to me. But meaningful nonetheless. I just want to serve as a testament to other single moms that, while it is a challenge and a struggle at times, single parenting can be rewarding. And, above all, you can still pursue and achieve your dreams. I am still in pursuit and not stopping. And it’s about time I got back to documenting that. So this weekend I am rededicating myself to that particular goal by participating in an event called the Blogathon Biannual Bash. You can get all of the details on this event here.

Ok, so the first thing that they suggest that we do is to create a To-Do list. Now, I am historically awful at completing to-do lists, but I am going to give it a go. So here are the things that I hope to accomplish this weekend (as far as this challenge is concerned).

1. Brainstorm blog post topics
2. Write 5 blogs posts and autoschedule them for next week
3. Create new Pinterest account
4. Create new Twitter account
5. Create or update Hootsuite account (Not sure if already have one)
6. Brainstorm giveaway idea
7. Metatag past posts
8. Add functional widgets (FB comments, share buttons, etc)
9. Change sidebar tabs
10. Possibly change entire theme
11. Work on outline for direct sales ebook
12. Remove current ad and update AdSense
13. Do 1st two WordPress I lessons
14. Do 1st 4 SEO lessons
15. Complete as many Blogathon challenges as possible.

Ok, so…that’s a lot. But I am determined to make this work. It won’t be the easiest thing in the world to accomplish considering I also have some freelance work to do and have a nearly 3 year old son, but I’m certainly going to try my best. Anyone else going to join us in the challenge? I’m excited to see where this leads. 🙂

All aboard the choo choo train!

All aboard the choo choo train!

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