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Sooooooo….apparently my ex’s new thing (and possibly him as well) is keeping tabs on me by reading my blog. She sent me an email bragging about how she is so happy with him and their son and how I should let go of the past. Lol! I have been raising my son ON MY OWN for over a year and have not had any contact from my ex in that time. Nor have I sought to make contact. Yet SHE has somehow discovered that I have a blog. How did that happen, I wonder? Sounds like I’m not the one stuck in the past. I don’t understand people. And let’s not forget the fact that she sent ME pictures of the two of them together after he left. Figured out my email address and took the time to put together a lovely little album of her with a guy that I no longer want in my life. Based on these two unsolicited and unnecessary correspondences initiated by her, it seems as though she wants me to be jealous. But I lived life with him and jealousy of THAT just ain’t gonna happen. So, if you are reading this right now, lovely stalker of mine, trust that I do not want what you have. I just want to be able to live in peace with MY son. So kindly direct your nonsensical missives elsewhere and let me continue to do that. Thank you!

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