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Ok, so I just had to post this on here because it is too funny.

So much she did wrong.
1. If you’re gonna shoot a sexy video for your boyfriend (which is what the poster of this video said she was doing) you should have everything already in place. Including the volume of the music. How dare you disrupt his “quality alone time” by gyrating awkwardly over to the radio?
2. You should make sure you will have the house to yourself. if there is a chance that you won’t — take it to the bedroom.
3. If you MUST do it in the living room, make sure you lock the door. Especially if you will be twerking upside down against said door.
4. Fire + alcohol is generally a bad idea.
5. Friends do not let friends catch on fire without attempting to help. I think that is grounds for a friend divorce. Or, at the very least, the ending of a roommate relationship.
6. Stop, drop, and roll. I mean…I’ve never been on fire before, but I’m sure that screaming and pulling faces at the fire won’t get it to magically go out. I would have been out of those pants faster than if I had seen a spider crawling up them.

I assume that since this video is posted — apparently by Miss Katniss herself (hehe..get it? Girl on Fire?) that she is ok. Hope she learned her lesson. To all of you would-be internet Twerkers out there — take note! Don’t twerk yourself to an early grave. This has been your publice service announcement.

UPDATE: We got Kimmel’d yall! Turns out this was all an elaborate prank by Jimmy Kimmel. I officially love this guy. Check out the prank reveal video below. 🙂

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