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Fear can be crippling. It can also have many forms and symptoms.


Fear of the Unknown

For some people, the unknown can be exciting and thrilling. It is full of possibilities. However, for many people those possibilities don’t always enter our minds as positive things. Instead, we think about all of the bad things. The what-ifs that scare us. ¬†That fear might be totally irrational. Or it could be based in logic. Either way, it can be crippling.

Fear of Failure

Many of us have goals. Dreams. Things that we wish to accomplish while we are still on this planet. ¬†However, we also sometimes live with this fear that we won’t reach our goals. That instead of achieving success, we will fall flat on our faces. The mere thought of failing at something we care about can cause us to come to a standstill. To procrastinate. To talk ourselves out of action completely.

Fear of Success

Conversely, some of us have a fear of success. This may seem counter-intuitive. Who could possibly be afraid to accomplish something. Actually, it’s not all that odd of a concept. Sometimes, when you achieve something big, you are overwhelmed by this pressure to maintain that success. Or even to top it. Some people are afraid of “peaking too soon”. So they play it safe. Or they start amazing things, but then don’t see them through.

Does any of this sound like it may apply to you? Are you letting fear rule your life? If so, what do you plan to do about it?

Being honest, I don’t have the answer for you. But I do have a favor to ask of you.

Be brave.

In the face of that fear, whatever it may be, choose bravery.

Remember that bravery is not the absence of fear. It is acting DESPITE your fear.

So I ask you to do something. Today. Do something that flies in the face of your fear. Then, tomorrow, do something else. Every day do something scary. Do something important. Do something to tell your fear “you’re not the boss of me now”. Do it until your fear is no longer the prominent feeling and you can move forward with excitement and confidence.

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