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Soooooo… Tyrell and I are scheduled to move into our apartment (my first time living “on my own”) on Thursday. Which means I should probably start packing my things in preparation. I’m all gung ho about this plan. “I’m going to pack up everything! Yay packing! Industrious powers…ACTIVATE!” Then I look around the room and what do I see? A MILLION THINGS TO PACK!!! Christian has just about as many clothes as I do, a pretty sizable library, a ton of toys, and a bunch of other big space-taker-uppers (swing, stroller, bouncer, exersaucer, etc.). Where the fraggle rock is all of this gonna go? Seriously. And that’s just Christian’s things. That doesn’t include my 10 bags of clothes, hundreds of books that I absolutely refuse to part with, electronics, and random crap that I hold dear to some part of my heart. You know what I just realized? I’m a hoarder. I should be on tv so that people can shame me into cutting down on things. This is beyond ridiculous. I’m thinking I’m going to be posting a lot of things on Craigslist. Starting with my clothes.

I, Tiffany, do hereby vow to go through my clothes and get rid of everything that I do not wear, cannot wear, and do not plan on wearing in the foreseeable future. No longer will I hold on to things in the hopes of being able to one day fit into them again (with the exception of my prom gown).

No more timeĀ  to waste on this post. Must. Purge. Now.

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