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FTC Disclosure: McDonald’s was kind enough to compensate me just to share my experience with their company and their new customizable meal options. All thoughts shared within this post are 100% original and honest. 

One common issue that many work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) face is being able to balance their work life with their family life. I know that it is something that I have struggled with over the years. Especially since I have a young child at home. Finding ways to keep my son entertained long enough for me to get some work done is critical. If I can’t keep him entertained/occupied, it is harder for me to get things done. Either that or I end up feeling guilty. One simple hack that I have found is to find a place around town that will allow me to get some work done while simultaneously providing Christian with physical, mental, or social stimulation. Recently, I have started to take him to one of the local McDonald’s a few times a week and that has been very helpful.

I’ve tried the library, but Christian simply is not the type of child to sit down quietly for a couple of hours to read (I suppose he differs from me in that respect, because reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes). I’ve tried parks and playgrounds, but since it is currently the middle of winter, that isn’t a viable option. McDonald’s has a cool playplace that is open regardless of the weather, so it is always available to us. It is the hangout spot for other families (especially after school hours), so Christian almost always has someone to play with when he is there (and I usually end up chatting with another mom). They have free Wi-Fi, so I can bring my laptop and get some work done. Plus, they offer a wide variety of tasty menu items that you can choose from when you work up an appetite.

Whenever Christian is getting antsy during a time when I really need to get some work done, I pack up my laptop, load him up in the van, and we head a few blocks down to our nearest McDonald’s. I order something , we eat together, and then he heads off to play while I continue whatever project I had been working on. Because the play place is in an enclosed area, I feel safe letting him play without me hovering over him. We usually stay for at least an hour. When we head back home, we are both happy because he got to play with new friends and I got to be productive. Everyone wins! (Plus he sometimes plays so much that he is ready for a nap when we get home – BONUS!)


By the way, have you tasted McDonald’s Chef Crafted burgers yet? They are definitely worth trying. First you choose your meat (beef, artisan grilled chicken, or buttermilk crispy chicken). Then you choose your bread (artisan roll or sesame seed bun). Finally, you choose from a variety of chef-inspired flavors. They vary based on where you live. Here in Arkansas, the options are Buffalo Bacon, Maple Bacon, and Pico Guacamole.  My favorite so far is the Buffalo Bacon crispy chicken on an artisan roll. With its spicy buffalo sauce and creamy bleu cheese, I knew it would be a winner.

Mcdonald's Chef Crafted Burger

So the next time you find yourself torn between playtime and work, consider heading to McDonald’s for a work/playdate. You could even win a year’s worth of free Chef Crafted burgers for by entering their Choose Your Own contest. The grand prize is a free sandwich every week for a year (what what whaaaaat?!). So go enter here! Every entrant will receive a coupon for a free medium drink and fry with purchase just for entering (you won’t catch me saying no to that). Then at the end of the sweeps, they will pick one Grand Prize winner to receive a year’s worth of sandwiches. Good luck!

Chef Crafted Burger Contest

Have you ever escaped to Mcdonald’s for a playdate (or to get some work done)? Comment below.

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