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Soooooo…..the time is now 4:26 pm CT and I have been awake for about 45 minutes or so. Why? Because I spend most of my night running back and forth to the bathroom. And I am STILL exhausted. Gahhhh!!! Anyways, I’m really excited. There are only about 16 days left until Christian arrives. I had an appointment yesterday and the doctor is pretty sure (after checking my cervix) that we have until at least October before labor begins. Which is great, because I was REALLY worried about going into labor before Tyrell (the father) gets here. Which leads me to more good news: We put down the deposit for our apartment, and yesterday we pretty much finalized when we are going to move in (officially, it’s Thursday of next week). That’s the day that Tyrell is FINALLY going to arrive. It’s been sooooo long since we’ve spent more than a few days together. 83 days to be exact, and I’m so glad that things are so close to being back to the way they should. *sigh*

I wish that time would speed up. How awesome would it be if you could control the speed of the day like on The Sims? Alas, we can’t. So I shall commence passing my time with my new lovers: Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria, and Alex. Kinky Orgy? Nah. I have recently discovered (through the almighty power of Netflix) the annoying awesomeness that is Roswell. I’m now on Season 2 and things are getting juicy.

Anywayssss, guys…as usual my hunger just kicked in full force. It seems like my appetite goes from “nonexistent” to “I am completely and utterly famished” at the speed of light. Off to eat.

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