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So…I wake up to an inquiry from someone who is thinking of joining my Jewelry in Candles team. She wants to know about the compensation plan. So I tell her. I also tell her that the company has more developments in the works as far as rewarding us for our efforts in sales and team-building (I hate the word recruiting, lol). The company is still really new and is developing more things to make it even better. That is when it hits me: I got in on the ground floor of a company.

Admittedly, it’s kind of scary. I mean, don’t all of the people who are making big money tell you that you should join a company that has established itself? A company that has stood the test of time. This company is still really new, so why should I take the risk?

Well, first of all — there is no risk in joining. It’s free to join. There is no website fee. There are no monthly sales minimums. You only pay for product! And the risk there is the same as the risk involved with buying anything new.

Secondly, EVERY company has to start at the beginning. Mary Kay did. Avon did. Tupperware did. And look at them now. There is not a single company out there that didn’t have to go through this stage. And guess what? Those people who got started when those companies were still new and actually stuck with it are probably all making a TON of money each month because they helped to build their companies into what they are  today — powerhouses. Jewelry in Candles can become a powerhouse.

Now, I always thought that it sounds kinda hokey to try to sponsor people by using the line “it’s a ground floor opportunity” or “you need to get in on the ground floor”. It just seemed like a tactic to me. And, honestly, it IS a tactic. However, I am now beginning to see WHY it is a tactic. I can see why getting in on the ground floor is viewed as an exciting thing.

Think about it.

1. Getting in on the ground floor means less competition. You don’t have to worry about approaching people about your business and hearing them say that they already know 10 reps (or that they are one). Jewelry in Candles has (last time I checked) less than 8,000 consultants. There are less than 10 in my entire state and a good chunk of them are on my team.

2. We not only get to witness all of the exciting new developments the company is coming out with — we get to provide input. The company takes into consideration the things we have to say because they want to be successful.

3. When the company has stood the test of time, I will be right there with them reaping the rewards of having stuck with it.

I am genuinely excited about this opportunity. I feel like they have an amazing set of products that people apparently love and that they have a lot more exciting thing things in the works for both customers and consultants. I am glad that I joined when I did.

If you think you might be interested in joining me. check out my post about why I joined or hop on over to my website to join my team

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