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So…it seems that Christian has officially become THAT child. The one that you see in stores screaming at the top of his lungs. The one that will throw himself on the ground in an oh so dramatic manner when he doesn’t get his way. The one that, when you call his name or tell him to do something” will ignore you as easily as if you were nothing more than a breeze floating past. The one whose favorite words are “No!” “Mine!” and “Stop!” The one who has perfected the fake cry and the pout and will draw those weapons from his arsenal with the quickness. The one who makes you beg your parents or siblings to watch him while you run to the store because you never know if they will do something to embarrass you. The child that I used to look at and wonder “Why doesn’t she (the mom) get him under control”. Now, I must say, that he is not as out of control as I have seen. But it is to the point where I am now looking at how I can change my disciplinary methods to rein him in NOW. Because I have seen the results of NOT reining them in. PURE HELL. I refuse. Period. Christian is about to learn his first real life lesson: Mommy don’t play that”. Now, I believe that there are other ways to discipline a child aside from corporal punishment. I just have to figure out which ones are effective with Christian. Because it is definitely true that each child is different and, therefore, what works perfectly for one may fall completely flat with another. Time to do some experimenting, because if Christian keeps this up, I am putting him up for auction to the highest bidder. Lol

Seriously, though, I still love my Lil Stinkbutt Mini-me, but this right here is not gonna cut it. At all. He ofrced me to leave the BOOKSTORE without buying a single thing because he was just being so disruptive. Going to the library is a pain because he seems to think that it is the perfect place to practice his operatics and gymnastics. He has ruined book-searching for me. It is officially personal.

So…Christian, my dear…it is GOING DOWN.

How did you manage the Terrible Two’s? Which disciplinary methods worked for you? Which didn’t? Share your experiences in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe and share!

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