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When I contacted Tiffany to post on her blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about; singles moms and what we REALLY want. I have been a single mom for over 10 years, so I have become qualified in this area.

really want.

Sleep – Instead of keeping our kids so we can run errands during the day, we would much prefer you keeping them overnight so we can get 1 night of sleep to ourselves with no little children overtaking our beds.

An uninterrupted bath – If you show up at our house with some bubble bath, and a gossip magazine and offer to watch our children while we relax, we will be your best friend. Already best friends? Then you just earned yourself some massive brownie points.

A meal cooked and brought to our house – Single moms don’t have a partner to take over cooking some days. We do it all day, every day. Some people think only new moms or sick moms need meals, but bringing a home cooked meal to our house, especially on a day when you know we may be busy will be appreciated much more than you may realize.

Playdates – We love playdates. It lets us get out and interact with our favorite friends. This is especially true for single moms who work at home.

Dinners with friends – A lot of times, wives will leave their children with their husbands, and have dinners together. Single moms would love to be included in these. Trust me, if you invite us, we will find a sitter. We are all about not having macaroni and cheese for the umpteenth time, or cutting up hot dogs for our little ones.

No talking about role models – Yes, we realize that our child needs a male role model, but hearing it for the 7 thousandth time isn’t going to change our situation. Instead of telling us what you think is best for our child, compliment us on the things we are doing right.

Recognition as individuals – We are mothers, but we are also individuals. We are more than just “single mothers”. If you want to compliment us, we appreciate compliments for things other than being a mom.

Judgement free zone – We don’t judge you when your children have strewn their toys about your living room floor, your dishes are piled up, and your laundry is overflowing. We love it when you don’t judge us either. Just like you, we work hard to keep our house in order. Sometimes, we win, sometimes we lose.

Privacy and Respect – Despite popular belief, it is rude to ask single moms personal questions like “Do your kids see their dad?” “Were you married?” and “How do you afford things?”. If we want you to know those things, we will tell you. We don’t go around asking you “Is your husband involved?” “How do your afford your lifestyle?”. Please give us that same respect.

Friendship – Single moms are often stuck to mingle with other single moms. While we enjoy the company of people who are in similar situations, we don’t want to be stuck solely with the “single mom” crowd. Be our friend. Let us into your group of Mommy friends. Single moms are amazing individuals and make great friends.

The next time you offer a single mom something, let it be one of these things. This is what single moms really want.  She will appreciate it and you will have earned yourself some major brownie points.~Courtney Schulist

Single Moms want these things - sleep - time alone - home cooked meals - friendship - recognition - respect

Meet the Author

Courtney is a blogger living in the heart of Arkansas. She blogs about her faith, homeschooling, and raising special needs children as a single mother. With three children and a busy schedule, there is never a dull moment in her house. When Courtney is not blogging you can find her on social media, or enjoying a true-crime documentary. You can check out more of her writing on her blog, Life As a Convert

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