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Over the past few weeks I have tried several different kinds of jerky to compare them to the jerky I offer on my website. I can honestly say that ours is better. And it’s not just because I am now more aware of what we put in our bodies. I appreciate that our jerky is more natural than the store jerky. Many of our products are preservative-free, have no added MSG or nitrites, no artificial ingredients, and are minimally processed. However, the thing that stuck out to me the most was the difference in the actual eating experience.

So far I’ve tried 3 different brands: the Walmart brand (Good Value), Jack’s Link’s, and Sweet Baby Ray’s. I’ve also tried a variety of flavors: original, peppered, teriyaki, sweet-and-spicy, and honey chipotle. Admittedly, the honey chipotle flavor was tasty (I do like Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce) as was the sweet and spicy. The thing that turned me off about every single one of them, though, was the texture.

They were all so tough! Some of them had quite a few pieces in each bag that I just could not chew. Which is why I stopped letting Christian try them. He would just suck on them and then hand the jerky back to me after he (assumedly) had gotten all of the flavor he could. So I guess he didn’t like the texture either.

Our jerky is a lot more soft and tender — not what I had expected from dried meat. Mind you, I am new to the whole jerky thing. I believe I tried some years ago but it didn’t leave an impression at all. It wasn’t until I tried some of ours that I realized how addictive jerky can be.

I can’t wait to try a new flavor this month. I’ve already tried our beef, chicken, and fruit jerky. This time I wanted to try the buffalo. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about trying buffalo. I don’t know why. Lol. But I was told that the flavor is actually pretty similar to beef and even has a lower fat content.

I chose sweet and spicy buffalO’s. This is slow, hickory-smoked buffalo meat that is seasoned with a sweet and spicy mix and cut into small cicrular medallions (hence the “O’s”). I figure they will make a great snack item, paired with ritz crackers and cheese.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing my jerky experience so far. If you are a jerky fan and would like to give ours a try, you are free to visit my website and check out the selection. This is also a great business opportunity for anyone looking to make a little extra money. If you order a twin pack of jerky at the retail price ($12.30 plus $1.97 shipping) then you have the option of joining the business for no extra cost. You get a free website and there are no monthly sales quotas.

You’re free to just buy the jerky, but the way I figure it, why turn down the chance to make some money if you don’t even have to pay anything extra to do so? I joined 3 weeks ago and not only will my 2 bags of jerky be free this month, but I also earned 10 additional free bags AND made some profit. Mind you, it is not a get rich quick thing. You won’t make $5,000 next month (though who knows what you could be making a year from now). However, when was the last time you went to the store, bought some jerky, and the store paid YOU?

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