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I was given the opportunity to do a Prize Candle review and jewelry reveal. The candle was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Unless you have been living under a rock (or don’t have any friends in direct sales), you have probably heard of this type of candle. The idea is that you can buy a nicely scented candle from the company and receive a bonus in the form of a piece of jewelry that is hidden inside the candle. All you have to do is light the soy candle and wait for the wax to melt enough that you can retrieve the plastic packet inside that holds the jewelry. Seems pretty simple, right!

Ok, so now for my review.

First of all, I liked the packaging. I have tried other products like this, and though I have not had the issue myself, I have heard quite a few people complain that their products were damaged when they opened it. Usually the candle was cracked or shattered. This probably has more to do with the mail delivery system than it does with the companies, but it was nice to see that Prize Candle has packaging that provides more protection against product damage.


I also liked the appearance of the box. It was cute. More than that, though, I like that it has instructions on it regarding what is inside the candle and how to get it. If you buy this as a gift for someone and have it shipped to them, you can rest assured that they will know what to do with it and know that it is two gifts in one. I like that it clearly displays the range of possible values of the jewelry inside. That way people know that it may be something inexpensive, but it could also be very valuable. So it gets people excited, but should also let them know that they may not find anything very expensive. I also like the added touch of being able to enter a code at the company’s website for an instant appraisal. This prevents you from having to guess how much it is worth or take it to a jeweler to find out.




The candle scent that I received was Jasmine Neroli. It was actually a lot smaller than what I am used to. I checked the prices on the website and they are about $25. This is a normal price for this type of candle, but I know that you can get bigger candles elsewhere, so that is something to keep in mind. The scent was actually very pleasant. It was a nice, light floral scent. However, the throw wasn’t very strong. You had to be really close to it in order to smell it. Even when it was lit.

IMG_3530 IMG_3531

I managed to wait about 45 minutes to an hour before I saw a glimpse of the jewelry packet. At that point,  became impatient and dug it out. Even once I got a good grip on it with my tweezers , it was hard to pull out because the prize pack was actually glued to the container. I ended up having to use a spoon and my tweezers to pry it away and dig it out.

IMG_3533 IMG_3534

When I saw that the prize was a ring, I was a little worried. Since I hadn’t been asked for my ring size, I was SURE that it would be too small to fit my size 9 finger. But much to my surprise, it fit perfectly! And it was cute to boot. A silver ring with a square, red gemstone and little diamond-like stones on the sides. Definitely my style. The ring was accompanied by a little slip of paper that had a code on it. I entered the code on the website and found that it was worth $25. So even though it wasn’t worth much, it WAS at least worth the price of the candle. So that’s nice. And I love that it is something that I would actually wear on a regular basis.


So overall, it was a pleasant review experience. I would have liked for the scent to be more noticeable from a distance and it was a struggle to get the jewelry out. I also think that they could have larger sized candles for the price they are charging. But I honestly assume that people who buy these types of candles do it more for the fun of the prize than anything else. And this prize is one that I personally think is worth the price considering its value.

Anyways, that is my Prize Candle review and jewelry reveal. I hope you enjoyed it! If you would like more info about Prize Candle, you can check them out at their website and on Facebook.

Have you ever tried a candle from Prize Candle?

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