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So…I am officially potty training Christian. Of course I introduced him to the potty ages ago, and I try to sit him on it whenever I notice he has his peepee or poopoo face. But now I am using the “let him run around naked and put him on the potty every 20-30 minutes. We have his cool “Cars” potty in the living room and his plain potty in the bathroom. This is a diary of how our day went.

Around 9: Peepee in the potty! He refused to walk with me to the bathroom to dump it in the toilet and flush.

Around 9:45: Poopoo on the floor. I noticed his poopoo face a little too late. It was already making an appearance (lol) and so I picked him up and ran the few feet over to his potty that is situated in front of the tv. All that resulted was a trail of poo on the floor. 😐

Around 9:50 Peepee in the potty! Once again, I flushed it myself. Stubborn little booger. But I can’t blame him. The Oompa Loompas were singing.

Debating whether I should give him a chocolate covered pretzel after each successful potty break. 😐 Also looking for an appropriate song to play.

So far I am loving #’s 1, 2, and 4 below.

Potty Song 1:
To the tune of “This is the way we brush our teeth”
Where do we make our poops and peep
Our poops and peeps, Our poops and peeps
Where do we make our poops and peeps
We make them in the potty!

Potty Song 2:
To the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Tinkle, Tinkle, little pee
in the potty you will be
Poopy, Poopy stinky-O
in the Potty you will go

Potty Song 3:
To the tune of “Little Bunny Foo-Foo”

When we have to pee-pee
we go to the potty
because we like dry pants and wet pants are icky
Whe we have to poo-poo
we go to the potty
because we like dry pant and messy pants are icky

Potty Song 4:
From “Dry All Day Potty Training Skills Workbook by Elaine D’Ippolito

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

I am sitting on the potty, doing my best to go.
I am sitting on the potty, being patient ever so
I can feel my body tell me I should sit and wait
‘Cause if I get up now and come back, it will surely be too late!

10:12 Peepee in the potty. He made one of his faces so we ran to the potty. Unfortunately the splash guard did not do it’s job well enough so only some of it went in the potty but I counted it as a success because at least he was sitting on the potty when it happened. Now he says YAYYY!!!!! when he does it. 😀

10:25 Peepee on the floor. Ok, was NOT expecting that one. He now says YAYYYYY!!!!! whenever he pees. Regardless of the location.

10:54 Peepee on the floor. Ok, that was my fault. So caught up with typing these articles, I didn’t set him on the potty. I need to set a timer for every 25 minutes.

10:55 Diaper time until I finish this article. Can’t be distracted every 20 minutes right now. 😐 But yay! for progress. Will resume after a birthday party this evening.

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