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So…this morning I noticed that I was spotting (tmi, right?). I know that at this point it’s probably nothing to worry about, but I decided to call my doctor’s office just to be sure. They told me to go to labor and delivery to get everything checked out. I get there and they hook me up to a machine so that they can monitor Christian’s heartbeats and my contractions. The machine allows me to hear Christian’s heartbeat while it’s being measured. At one point, Christian’s heartbeat just stopped. Lord! I nearly died. But I could still feel him moving so I was able to control my panic enough to call for the nurse. She told me that everything was fine. Woooh! That was the most frightening 10 seconds of my life. Anyways, it tuns out that I have started dilating, but only 2 centimeters. Also, contractions were 20 minutes apart so it doesn’t seem likely that I will be going into labor in the very near future. But it’s definitely on it’s way. Maybe I should really pack my bags now. 😐 Oh well…off to soak in the tub. Spending an hour on that gurney whatsit did a number on my back.

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