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Karen is one of those awesome people that you meet online and even though you have never met in person, you just click and talk all the time. She has been a tremendous help to me in helping me to learn more about blogging. We have also partnered up on almost all of our shared businesses. I am very happy to do a spotlight on her this month. Check it out below!

Can you describe your family for us? Are you married, single, divorced, dating? How many kids do you have and how old are they? Do you have any pets?

I actually met my husband almost 5 years ago online; we were in the same city but had never crossed paths. We had a whirlwind romance and were married within 6 months. We have a 3 year old Xavier, 2 year old Alyssa and a 2 month old Genevieve. We have 3 dogs that were technically my dogs and now they are family pets, Daisy an 8 year old Pit/Lab mix, Ayumi a 6 year old Shelti/ Terrier mix (think perfect Shelti in mini form) and Cho a very active 5 year old terrier.

What do you do for a living? Are a SAHM, WAHM, work outside the home?

I would have told you I was a Stay at Home Momma since I was six months pregnant with Xavier which is when I started my blog: Crazy Stepford Wives. This was based on the idea that everyone expected me to have everything perfect like a Stepford Wife because I stayed home. In September I added Jerky Direct as I was looking for a business that wouldn’t kill the budget to get started. Soon after that I joined Jewelry in Candles, followed by Do You Bake and Kitsy Lane.  So now I am proud to say I am a Work at Home Momma. We are putting a lot of hours into our work right now because we are aiming for my husband to be a work at home dad alongside me.  To the point we are currently launching a new blog detailing just the money side of working from home, whether it’s a little or a lot. We call this one the Money Tree Grove, because each sapling of income can grow into its own tree if you nurture it.

What are your hobbies and passions?

My passions in life are my kids, genealogy, reading, cooking and crafting. I don’t always get as much time as I would like to participate in my hobbies but I really enjoy it when I do. I am also a prepper, not for doomsday or anything like that but for the unknown such as when hubby was out of work.

Describe a typical day in your life for us.

A typical day for me is a little crazy, I get up between 6 and 6.30am when hubby leaves for work, get ready and do my own personal scripture study followed by a quick email check, often holding a nursing baby. The kids wake up around 7am and have breakfast, after they are dressed and ready we do housework and chores for an hour. They then burn off some energy while I do some work on the businesses for 30 minutes to an hour. Around 9.30am we start home school; this only takes about 3 hours a day and then its lunch time, followed by quiet time/nap time for the kids. If I have work to do I jump on the computer and get it done or read a little. My husband is back between 2pm and 3pm and when the kids wake up we all play until Dinner time around 6pm. After Dinner we watch something on TV, kids have baths and in bed by 7.30pm normally. Then back to work we go until 9 or 10ish at night sometimes later. Phew it tires me out reading this day, but it’s so worth it to us to be working on these goals as a family.

If you would like to learn more about Karen or her businesses, or even show some support, you can follow the links above. Stay tuned for more mommy spotlights throughout the year. If you would like to be featured, please contact me through the contact form or shoot me a message on Facebook.


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