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It’s been a while since I did a mompreneur spotlight, but I’m happy to get back to it by introducing you guys to someone that I met through Facebook who has become a friend. Below you will find out more about this phenomenal woman, mom, and budding entrepreneur. I hope that you take the time to get to know and connect with her.


SMW: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Crystal: Hi Tiffany! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity! As you know, I am a Mom and I am also a wife.  I have two kids ages 11 and soon to be 8. Zach, my 8 year old has epilepsy and has since 2007. They are typical kids, the 11 year old pre-teen, everything stinks, I know-it-all kind of girl and the nearly 8 no fear, all boy, kind of boy! My husband and I have been married almost 10 years. He works so hard for us, so I can be at home.

SMW: Can you tell us what your business is about and how long you have been doing it?

Crystal: I am an independent presenter for Younique Cosmetics, but I always tell people I am in the business of women! On a daily basis I get to make women realize their worth and make them feel a little better about themselves, and that to me is success! I started with Younique in July of this year after being a loyal customer for several months.

SMW: What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Crystal: My son has epilepsy and it’s always been important to me to be home with my children. The last job I had was in a medical office and my son had a seizure and needed an emergency EEG and I was told if I left I would no longer have a job. That was 4 years ago and I left that job at that moment. We were getting by on one income, but that’s it, just getting by and I decided I want to contribute to my family because my husband does work so hard and I want him to be able to relax a little! For months I was watching a friend of mine have all this success and on impulse (after using the products) I decided to join.

SMW: Who is your target market?

Crystal: Women. All ages, all skill levels.

SMW: Tell us a bit about your typical work day.

Crystal: I wake up before the kids and spend the first hour or so, coffee in hand, answering emails, questions from customers in parties, any Facebook or Instagram inquiries, things of that sort. I do this same routine at night also, that way I am not being bombarded with messages. Throughout the day I post on Facebook and Instagram, take “selfies”, and promote my business on and offline. If we go anywhere I usually go with one of my eyes done with our 3d Fiber Mascara and carry a bag that says “ask me about my lashes”. This strikes many conversations and I get to meet lots of great people!!! At night, I tend to do more training with my team; skype, chatting, and just making to fun to learn new techniques and about the products!!! I also make time a couple days a week to follow up with customers to answer questions or just to make sure they are satisfied!  And one day a week I spend time sending out Thank you’s to new customers!!!

SMW: As a mompreneur, what are some of the challenges you face?

Crystal: Time management. Some days are complete chaos. As I go, I am learning to limit how much time I am actually online and learning to work smarter, not harder!

SMW: Do you think that you have learned any important lessons or skills as a mompreneur?

Crystal: I was kind of shy in a sense before starting this. I never would have approached women with business cards or a sample of eye pigment. I never would have done vendor events, etc. I have learned that “no” won’t kill me and each no brings me closer to a “yes”. So, I’d say I’ve learned to come out of my shell and not to be afraid!! Fear holds us back in a major way; I’ve decided not to let it anymore!

SMW: What do you love the most about your job?

Crystal: I love that I get to be a part of women realizing they are beautiful! I love being a part of a group of women who lifts each other up and supports one another, the way women should!!!

SMW: What are your 3 favorite products?

Crystal: This is a tough one since I love about everything, but I’d say: 3D Fiber Mascara, Lip Gloss, and touch foundation!


I see why she loves the lip gloss. She sent me a couple to try and I love the Lavish! I rarely wear anything so bold, but I am glad I tried this one. :)

I see why she loves the lip gloss. She sent me a couple to try and I love the Lavish! I rarely wear anything so bold, but I am glad I tried this one. 🙂

SMW: Where can my readers find you and your business?

Crystal: If you’d like to connect with me I am on Facebook  and Instagram. I have a website where you can check out everything Younique has to offer, along with an amazing business opportunity! You may also email me at lashes3D@aol.com with any questions!!!!


Ok, people…keep an eye out for more mompreneur spotlights! If you’d like to be featured, feel free to shoot me a message on my fan page. And don’t forget to subscribe for emails about new posts. 🙂



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