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This isn’t really all that post-worthy, but I just realized today just how big Christian is. He is sooooo tall and thick. He’s not fat, by any means. But he is definitely a chubby baby. With the most kissable, pinchable cheeks. I love my little linebacker. 😀 I never really realize how big he has gotten until I go to the doctor for a checkup, have to buy new clothes, or until (like today) I see him next to another baby. I guess that us moms are around them so much that it’s harder to see how much they have grown. I think that we tend to notice milestones more than anything else. The first non-gassy smile. Their first laugh. The first time they rolled over. People who don’t see them that often are focused more on how they look.

Oh, and today was a BEAUTIFUL day, so I took Christian out to enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze. This is the first time he has really been outside (beside running to and from the car) since November. I can’t wait until Spring makes an official appearance. We will definitely be going on more outings then. 🙂

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