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The time is now 4:34pm and I feel the need to vent. Today has been one of those days where Christian has been extremely difficult. He didn’t listen to me at the playground. Or at The Tropical Smoothie Cafe we went to for lunch. He spent the entire time we were in Goodwill demanding that I buy every single car, truck, or bus toy that we passed. He threw a fit when we passed the playground on the way home. He refused to get out of the car when we went to the garden to collect veggies and water the plants. ┬áHe threw another tantrum when we pulled into our yard. And when the episode of My Little Ponies he was watching on Netflix wasn’t streaming properly. He is currently refusing to take a nap. And, for the love of unicorns, I need for him to take a nap.

Not only do I just need a break from his tantrums…I have a lot of work to do.

Yes. This has been one of those days.

And it won’t be the last.

However, as frustrating as days like this are I know that they aren’t the norm. And that keeps me from pulling out my hair or curling into a ball and crying.

So even though right now I REALLY want to hide out in my bathroom (armed with earplugs, a book, some chocolate, and a bottle of wine), I am hanging on to that part of me that is thankful that Christian isn’t always this difficult.

I am also praying for him to suddenly realize that he is exhausted and fall asleep. That’d be great.

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