Are you looking for a viable home-based business opportunity with a great company with low start-up costs?

Well, I am looking for go-getters who want to EARN an extra income (I’m telling you up front that it won’t be handed to you).


Here is the formula for success with Jerky Direct:

Simple Business Model + Excellent Training Tools +Hard Work = Success


We have the simplest business model I have ever come across (and I’ve done my fair share of research into work from home opportunities)

✔No enrollment fees– you only pay for product!

✔FREE storefront website — one of many forms of free online advertising AND people can place orders right there

✔ Very straightforward compensation plan- gotta love that!

✔No hoops to jump through as far as getting a certain amount of sales volume

✔No parties (unless you want to — totally up to you)

✔You don’t have to have an inventory

✔Selling a product that is loved by countless people — come on,it’s jerky!


This business won’t cost you hundreds of bucks each month. Not even close! In fact, all you have to do to get in the biz (and stay in) is buy 2 bags of jerky ($12.30 plus $2.95 shipping).


Our team leader provides excellent training and tools. The training is NOT one size fits all. If you want to get into retail sales (doing events, selling in retail locations, etc) then you can choose to take the retail sales training. If you prefer the old school marketing techniques, you can receive training in offline marketing. If you prefer working your biz online, there is intensive training in online marketing. There is also training available for those interested in doing fundraisers. You can do one, two, three, or all of these training modules to help build your biz the way YOU want to. Once you have the training and tools, all you have to do is implement them consistently.


So…what will YOU do with your Jerky Direct biz? Whether you choose to work it part-time or full-time is up to you. The potential is there! You just have to tap into it.


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