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I made my first attempt at owning my own business not long after I turned 18. I tried selling Avon. Most people who know me know that I don’t wear makeup (with the exception of lip gloss and, occasionally, earth-toned eyeshadow) and, honestly, I’m not very girly. I love things that smell good, but that’s about the extent of it. So Avon was not a very good fit for me. Then, after I had my son I gave it another go. At that point I was already a stay at home mom, but I hated having to depend on someone else to pay the bills. But I LOVED being at home with my son. I actually cried at the idea of having to get a job that would take me away from him. So I started looking for a job that would allow me the best of both worlds — unlimited time with my son AND the ability to contribute financially.

That’s when I joined the in-home party business world as a consultant for a romance enhancement company. I have since made the decision to leave that company and join Pure Romance. Both are decisions that I believe were best for me and my family and I would not change either one. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave Christian for several hours a day, every day. I love that I am doing something that I enjoy and that is meaningful. The few times since becoming a single mom that I have had to go out and get a traditional job have been horrible. Truly horrible. I don’t think there is anything worse for me than to be forced to leave my son’s side. And that’s how I view traditional jobs — being forced to leave his side for the majority of the waking day, every day. And usually it was to do a job that either I did not like or alongside people who were unpleasant to work with. I have tried both ways of making money, and I feel that, for me, earning money on my own terms is hands down THE way to go. I love my boss and I get to hang around the best coworker ever — my son!

As a Pure Romance consultant, I help women (and their partners) to improve their relationship by focusing on intimacy (not just sex as so many people mistakenly believe). Often times I have had clients thank me for suggesting a product after experiencing the positive (and sometimes profound) changes that have taken place in their relationship. Now, in addition to being an intimacy advisor, I have taken on the role of being a fitness coach with Beachbody. I help people who, like me, are actively working to improve their quality of life by focusing on their fitness and nutrition. I was hesitant to do this at first, because I am not in shape myself. but I finally realized that we are all works in progress and that if I waited until I had reached my goals to begin helping others to reach theirs, I may be letting others slip into the cracks. After all, if the people before me had waited until their fitness journey was over, I would still be waiting.

I am happy with the business decisions that I have made. You know why? Because they fit ME. I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to help others. My career goals have shifted several times since I was a child. But one theme has remained the same — I want to serve. Now that is all I do. From improving relationships to improving health, I am helping others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. And I love that. I realize now that THAT is the key –passion.

 If you express an interest in owning your own business, I can GUARANTEE that you will be bombarded with information from left and right on the million and one different home businesses that you can start. People you didn’t even realize were business owners will suddenly take an interest in your life. Maybe even people you don’t know, depending on where you express that interest. Everyone will tell you that their company is the best in their field. And maybe they are (I mean, someone has to be the best, right?). But the thing is, if you are not interested in that field; if you have no passion for their mission; if you are only getting into it for the money — you will either not be successful or you will not be truly happy. You have to find a business opportunity that fulfills both of those needs: financial stability and having a sense of purpose. Find THAT opportunity and you are well on your way to living YOUR dream.

Another thing to remember is that whether you work for someone else or you work for yourself — it is still work. Owning your own business is not something that you just jump into and expect for everything to fall together on its own. You have to have a plan and you have to work that plan. I have admitted in the past and will admit now that it is a challenge. But it is worth it. So…to those of you who have considered entrepreneurship — whether it is joining a company as a consultant/coach/agent, etc. or putting out your own products/services — I say GO FOR IT! NOW! Why wait? The only thing waiting will do is cause you to wait that much longer to see your dreams come true.

This is not a ploy to get you to join my companies (though I will definitely answer any questions you may have). This is me pushing you to live your life by design, not default. Believe in your dreams. Have faith in yourself. Envision what you WANT your life to be (not what you think it can be, because those are two completely different things) and then create a plan that will get you there. Then, this is the key, put that plan into action. Create a vision board that clearly illustrates your “why” (mine is the ability to remain a stay at home mom, personal freedom, financial freedom, and serving others) so that you will always have that to focus on and motivate you. With a big enough “why” ANYTHING is possible.

As a matter of fact, RIGHT NOW, sit down and just write down two things:
1. What you want your life to be like. Address as many details as you can. How would you feel emotionally? Physically? Spiritually? Where would you live? How much would you make each month? Each year? Where will you go on vacation? What assets will you own? What would you do in your free time? How many hours would you work per week?

2. What do you think is your primary purpose in life? What legacy do you want to live behind? What do you want to be remembered for? Being a giving person? Being helpful? Entertaining others? Making people smile? Helping people achieve their goals? What job would you absolutely LOVE to wake up each morning to do?

Answer these two questions and you have some insight into (1) your “why” and (2) your personal mission statement. Now, do some research on business opportunities that are aligned with your mission and that can, with dedication on your part, lead you to your dream life. Please share what you learn with me by posting on this blog or by visiting me on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SingleMommyWarrior?ref=hl)

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Yall have a great day!!!
Tiffany- Single Mommy Warrior

I LOVE this quote by Henry David Thoreau. Don’t you?

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