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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Free candy and getting dressed up in fun costumes. What’s not to love?! Every year, we pick out new costumes for the big night. Christian has dressed as a monkey, the Incredible Hulk, a race car driver, a pirate, Batman, Captain America, and Harry Potter.

I’ve dressed as Marge Simpson (this was a hit in my town – everyone wanted to take pictures with me, lol), a witch, Superwoman, and a few others that (for the life of me), I can’t remember. My friends and I also dressed up for Halloween in college.

Not only do we randomly dress up around the house, we also dress up just to go around town.

We. Love. Costumes.

This year, instead of being limited to the costumes that are available at Walmart, we did our shopping online at Oriental Trading Company.

With over 5,000 costumes available, we had plenty of options to choose from. We started with Christian, by heading to the section of boy costumes. I absolutely loved that they separated the costumes by category. That made it easier to browse. We avoided the scary costumes (he’s not really into that) and focused on tv & movie, superhero, and funny costumes.

It took a while to whittle down the options because Christian wanted “all the things”.  We finally narrowed it down to a final battle: The Flash vs Black Panther.

The geek in me recognized that this was a DC vs Marvel showdown.

The superhero left standing: Black Panther.

I added that costume to our shopping cart. But something was missing – Black Panther’s claws. I didn’t have to go far to find them, though. At the bottom of the page, there was a section with recommended accessories and Black Panther Gloves were one of the options.

The winner: Black Panther.

I was actually surprised that he chose this one over Flash. We’ve enjoyed watching the show on the CW, so I thought he was going to go for that. But, hey Back Panther looks really cool- especially with those fierce claws. Can’t blame him for his choice. Plus, I’m mostly #TeamMarvel anyway, lol.

My costume was a bit easier to pick out. Initially, we were playing around with the idea of dressing up together as Minions. But when he opted for a superhero costume, I went with a costume I’d been wanting to pull off for a few years – a pirate.

Lo and behold, there was a really cute pirate costume in the Plus Size Women’s section that I was able to snag before it sold out. Woot woot! They had so many other really cool adult costumes to choose from, though. I can’t wait to pick another one next year.

We were so excited when our costumes arrived and can’t wait to go candy hunting (Imean trick or treating) on October 31st.

Christian wants to be Black Panther for Halloween. #orientaltradingcompany made it happen. #ad

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My Halloween costume just arrived. That was fast! Can’t wait to try it on. #orientaltradingcompany

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There’s still time to grab your Halloween costumes from Oriental Trading. Just head on over to their website. Right now costumes are up to 60% off! If you need it by Halloween, just make sure you order by noon on October 24th for guaranteed standard delivery. Orders of $59 or more get free shipping AND a $10 eGift card. How cool is that?!

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