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FTC Disclaimer: I serve as an official brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. Although this post has been sponsored, the experiences are 100% our own.

Let’s talk about the Minions.
My son loves anything and everything to do with those goofy, yellow, banana-loving creatures. Aside
from the latest Despicable Me movie, he has seen every movie and mini movie out there…several times. He also has a TON of Minions toys – thanks to his godfather and McDonald’s.

Just a small battalion of Christian’s Minion army

Today, I decided that our July Family Fun Day should be finally catching Despicable Me 3 in theaters. I
knew my son would absolutely freak out and love it.
To start off our family fun day, we stopped by McDonald’s to get some food. From now until Aug. 7, the Happy Meals come with Despicable Me toys, so that is perfect! He was so happy to add to his growing
collection. Plus, a trip to McDonald’s is always a treat for him.
His favorite meal is the cheeseburger Happy Meal with Strawberry GoGurt, French Fries, and a Minute Maid Apple Juice BoxMy favorite menu items tend to vary with my appetite. This time I went with a classic – a Chicken McNuggets meal. I also treated Christian to a Fruit Punch Minute Maid Slushie and (later) grabbed a McCafe drink for myself. Right now, all small specialty McCafe drinks are just $2! I couldn’t pass that up. Christian grabbed a free ice cream cone (so cool that they do that!) and then ran off to play for a bit. Because the McDonald’s PlayPlace practically requires it, lol.
After filling our bellies, we headed to the bigger of our two local movie theaters, bought our tickets, and
settled in for a good laugh.
As the movie started, we are introduced to child-actor-villain-turned-real-life-adult-villain, Balthazar Bratt. Bratt comes off as a hilariously 80’s villain with his shoulder pad-adorned tracksuit, hightop-mullet, and 80’s themed weapons (including an exploding Rubik’s cube, a machine gun that shoots out massive bubble gum, and a Walkman that doubles as a grappling hook). He even commits his crimes to an 80’s soundtrack, moonwalking and dance-fighting his way through a jewelry heist to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”!
We see that Gru and the crew (including Lucy, his love interest from Despicable Me 2) are part of the Anti-Villain League that is designed to catch the bad guys. I mean, who else to catch bad guys than a former bad guy?
Unfortunately, Bratt (who is the AVL’s most wanted) gets away. Under new leadership, Gru and Lucy are made redundant (aka fired) and head home to be with the girls…and a house full of Minions who try to convince Gru that being good is boring, so he should go back to a life of villainy.
Soon after this, we learn that Gru actually has a long-lost twin brother named Dru. Apparently Gru’s parents had a whole “Parent Trap” agreement after they got divorced, where they each got custody of one child to raise on their own.
Naturally, Gru decided that he wants to meet Dru – who turns out to be a golden-haired, super-rich, super-villain who wants to teach Gru how to be a better supervillain, continue the family business, and maybe get a bit of revenge on Bratt.

I won’t ruin the rest of the movie for you, though. I HATE spoilers (ever since someone ruined the Lion King for me IN THE THEATER AS I WAS WATCHING IT).
Suffice it to say that Christian loved the movie. He was giggling throughout it and even started randomly using Bratt’s catchphrase of “I’m being a bad boy” while striking a hilariously dramatic pose. I thought the movie was cute and will probably buy the DVD for Christian when it comes out.
Overall, this month’s family fun day was a success thanks to McDonald’s and the creators of Despicable
Me. If you haven’t already caught the movie, why not make a day of it. Head to McDonald’s for a bit of
themed dining and then take the whole family to see those little Minions up on the big screen. If you go,
Christian would love to see which Minions toy your kids got in their Happy Meals. Feel free to drop a
picture in the comments below.

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