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Notes from my day:

1. I went to Walmart today with a budget of $50 to buy Christian gifts for Christmas. As I was looking at the exorbitant prices for the toys and glanced around at the shopping carts filled to the brim with these money-sucking objects, I realized just how ridiculous this holiday has become.

2. I stuck to my budget (went over a bit because of taxes) and got Christian a gift he has been begging for (though a different brand because they didn’t have the exact one, but whatever – he won’t care), a gift he didn’t ask for, but that I KNOW he will love (a remote control motorcycle with rider), and something we will both enjoy (Despicable Me version of Operation). Yay! The prices were still kinda ridiculous, but at least I didn’t spend much more than I planned.

3. I spend about an hour each day devoting myself to business and personal development. Reading books. Listening to training. Reading/watching/listening to testimonials about both the products and the business. Today, one of the training calls I listened to in the car (I no longer listen to the radio – I have a bunch of trainings downloaded to my phone and listen to those instead) featured a woman named Charlotte. She gave me so much to consider:
*She is a homeschool mom, has 12 kids (5 of which are still at home). If she can survive the stress and frustration that often accompanies homeschooling, so can I!
*Sh is also a pastor’s wife. And we all know that they can be busy! I have no excuse as far as how much time I have to do what I need to do. I have been having that point driven home often lately.
*Network marketing is really relationship marketing. The people who are truly successful don’t necessarily excel at sales. They aren’t always outgoing. Many of them came in with no experience. What makes them successful is that they are committed to cultivating relationships with people. And that means more than just having a buyer/seller relationship. It is a long-term relationship that begins before the person ever places an order or joins your team and continues long after. You don’t have to be a good salesperson to excel in this industry. And thank God for that, because I SUCK at sales, lol!
*Business growth most often parallels personal growth. This goes for pretty much anything. If you devote time to growing as a person, other facets of your life will experience growth as well. Spend time on YOU every day and you will eventually see a change in your life.
*Figure out your areas of growth (i.e. your strengths and weaknesses) and then find the resources that will help you to develop them. Then USE those resources to learn. Then (here’s the biggie), IMPLEMENT what you learn. Don’t be content with knowing your strengths – make them better. Don’t settle for your weaknesses – improve them. And don’t just become a wealth of knowledge – PUT IT TO USE!!!
*As business owners, we have to do more than just look for people to join our teams. We should be selective in who joins our team, because those of us who are committed, invest a lot of time and energy into training our teams to be successful. You want people on your team, who will make it worth your time and energy. We want people who have a good character, who have a “why” that will compel them to succeed, who have a strong work ethic, who are coachable, and who have a good attitude. The same way that employers pre-qualify the people that they hire, so can and SHOULD we. Not everyone is qualified to be your business partner.

4. Christian actually listens to me! I am constantly reminding him to turn off lights when he leaves a room because to leave them on when the room is empty is “wasting money”. And “Mommy isn’t made of money, son”. Today we went to go pay the water bill and stopped at the restroom on the way out. When we were leaving the restroom, Christian turned the light off. I turned it back on. He looked at me and said “Mama, you’re wasting money!” Lol! Well played, son. Well played.

Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great day!

Spend as much time on yourself as you

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