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Ok, so last month or so a blogger friend was talking about a company that will deliver tampons and pads to your door. With chocolate! Ummmm….what?! I knew that I had to go check this out. I mean…obviously I’m a woman. I still have to deal with that monthly visitor. And I know I am not the only one who has ever:

A. Gone to the bathroom during that time of the month and realized that I only have one or two tampons left. Great! (Not.)

B. Had to rummage around in my purse or car to round up any strays. (Found some…yes!)

C. Had to ask a parent or roommate for a couple to tide you over until you can get to the store. (I’ll replace the ones I used…k, thanks!)

D. Had to make an emergency trip to the store. 😐

E. Or just plain old hate going to the store to buy tampons because it invariably feels like that little box in your hand or cart is a blaring signal to everyone that you are on your cycle or about to be. (Ugh!)

The idea of knowing for sure that I would have those things on hand when I need them without having to leave my home is appealing to say the least.

And, well….chocolate. Need I say more?

So I checked out their website. I was impressed by the way the service works. It’s pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Pick your products. They offer tampons, pads, and pantiliners from several different brands. You can choose one, or multiple brands. You can also choose to have all tampons, all pads, all pantiliners, or a mixture of each. It is really customizable. And that appeals to me because the store variety packs never quite fit my needs. They always have too many of one type or too few of another.

Step 2: Choose your quantity. You can choose any quantity up to 60.

Step 3: Choose your delivery date. You know when your cycle usually starts, so you can have your delivery date set for right when you need it. No more having to run to the store — they bring the store to your door!

Step 4: Enjoy the convenience…and your tasty treat.


Here is my sample box. Thanks Every 28!

They even have a service for the fellas so that they don’t have to make those embarrassing tampon runs for their partner. How cool (and hilarious) is that?!

Overall, the Every 28 Tampon Delivery service is convenient and very customizable. It’s worth checking out! Feel free to visit their website to see what I’m talking about.

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