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AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Where did the time go? My little one is not so little anymore and I’m sooo upset. The whole purpose of this blog was for me to be able to record all of the amazing things that happen in my life with Christian on a regular basis. You know: his first non-gas smile, his first laugh, the first time he tried solid food, the first time he rolled over, the first time he peed on Daddy (lol). All of those firsts have come and gone. I can’t be TOO upset, though. I was here for them, after all. But it would have been nice to be able to look back and see exactly when they happened. Oh well…the best laid plans and all.

Anyways, today is February 1st. Which means that my beautiful bundle of spitty joy is 4 months old today. WOOHOO!!! Go Christian, GO Christian, it’s your unbirthday, shake yo bootay! Lol! I’m so excited to reach this milestone, even though I am more than a bit under the weather right now. DAMN YOU FLU MONSTER! Grrrrr!!! Christian is now 26 inches and 17.4 lbs. That is a whopping 6 inches and nearly 10 lbs more than when he was born. He is now the height and weight of the average 6 month old. Big boy! And he is so much work. When he starts crawling and walking, he is going to be all over the place. But I love it! He brings me sooo much joy. His smile lights up my day in a way that I didn’t think possible.

Right now we are both recovering from the flu (he is doing much better at this than I am, thank God), but he never lost his sunny disposition during the entire ordeal. Pretty soon we will both be 100% again and the fun can resume. Right now, though, he is asleep so I will take this time to do some much needed catching up on my schoolwork. Did I forget to mention that I’m a fulltime student again? Yep. I have resumed my studies at Capella University after a short hiatus to adjust to mommydom. Hopefully, around this time next year (or not TOO long afterwards), I will have my Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Wooh! It has been yet another adjustment getting used to studying and taking care of Christian. Usually I have to lull him to sleep in his swing (Fisher-Price, you are a godsend) before I can make any real progress. But I’m hoping that as he gets older and is able to do more things on his own, he won’t need Mommy to entertain him quite as much.

Ah well, people. Tis time for me to take advantage of the quiet and hit the books. (Must not watch South Park. Must NOT watch South Park). Hopefully I will do a better job of getting on here and documenting the awesomeness that is mommyhood. Until then…Live, Love, Laugh, and Love Some More.  🙂

Tiffany, out!

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