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A few days ago (February 6th to be exact) Christian (who is 18 weeks old) started crawling! Soooo funny and exciting. My mom gave him a stuffed cat of hers to play with (it was a gift from my little sister). He loved it so much that she let him keep it. He LOVES that cat. He is ALWAYS wrestling with it. Lol. Anyways, today he was having tummy time, and the cat was 2 or so feet away from him. I guess he really wanted it because he started doing a little scoot crawl towards it. He was very determined and got to it. Three times! The 4th time I guess he got mad at us for taking it away every time he got it so he started crying halfway there. Lol! we tried to get a video of it. Unfortunatelt the first three times we just sat there watching him all excited, so by the time we thought to get the camera, he was getting cranky. Next time, though, buddy I’m gonna getcha 🙂

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