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This morning I did something I swore I would never be able to do — take a bath with Christian. All by myself. I remember when Christian was first born and I had a discussion about this. I swore that I would NEVER do this because it was wayyyy too scary. What if I dropped hi? What if he slipped under the water? Well, 4.5 months down the line, I am more secure in my parenting skills. Never once did I feel as though Christian was less than perfectly secure, even when I was letting him float on his back (while I was holding him of course). He LOVED it and it was actually less unnerving than giving him a bath in his baby tub (it’s much higher up than our tub so it still makes me nervous). I had fun and so did he. I don’t know how often I would do that. Today was sort of an emergency situation (I was trying to take a bath and he started crying) but I’m no longer scared stiff to do it. Yayyyy progress!!! 😀

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