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FTC Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by McDonald’s. All opinions are my own.

Here’s one thing about me…




Probably not for the reasons that everyone else does, though. The main reason I love coffee is that I think it is delicious. However, there are other benefits to drinking coffee aside from it being tasty. Some of them may surprise you!


It Is a Great Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are like cellular level warriors – they help protect our cells from damage by fighting off inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. The benefit? It can help to prevent a variety of age-related conditions, such as cataracts, and Alzheimer’s.

It Can Help Boost Your Memory

Caffeine has been shown to positively affect short-term memory and concentration levels. So having a cup of coffee before doing something important might be beneficial.

It Supports Heart Health

Research suggests that moderate coffee consumption (2-4 cups per day) is associated with a 20% lower risk of heart disease.

It Can Improve Your Workouts

Caffeine is known to enhance performance endurance, enabling you to exercise longer. It is also believed that it can help reduce post-workout pain by 48%!

It Can Boost Your Mood

Studies have shown that people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day have a 10% lower risk of depression than people who don’t drink coffee or ingest caffeine.

It Lowers Your Risk for Type-2 Diabetes

Studies show that people who drink 4 cups of coffee each day reduce their chances of developing Type-2 Diabetes by 50%!

And this isn’t even all of the benefits of this tasty drink! But I think you get the point, right? When you drink coffee in moderation (2-4 cups per day), you can reap some awesome benefits.

Personally, one of my favorite places to stop for a cup of coffee (especially iced coffee) is McDonald’s. No matter where I am, there is almost always a McDonald’s nearby that can whip up a tasty caffeinated beverage for me. Whether it is the middle of winter or the middle of summer, I can find something that I like. My favorite cold coffee drink is a toss-up between the iced coffee or the iced mocha. When it comes to hot coffee, give me a regular coffee with some cream and sugar (or even black, depending on my mood) and I am good to go! Christian also love the McCafe options since they offer non-caffeinated things like hot chocolate, smoothies, and shakes. Can’t go wrong with either of those!


The next time you feel up for a bit of coffee, keep an eye out for the golden arches. They’ve got you covered! For those of you who love pumpkin spice everything, they even have something for you. Woot!

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