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Right now is one of those times when I start to freak out about how things will work out. You see, I hate when my bank account drops below a certain number, and after I pay the rent and my car note in the next week, that will happen. What has me stressed is that summertime has historically been a huge pitfall  for my party plan business. People cancel on you left and right because they have other things going on. Graduations. Family events. Mini vacations. It’s frustrating because they don’t seem to realize how much you are counting on them sticking to their plans with you. Every cancellation is a payday that is lost to you. And when you get cancelled on back to back, it can get scary. Very scary. Especially when that is your main source of income. For example, this month, out of 7 parties that were planned, only one actually took place. One person rescheduled. Everyone else just cancelled. And June and July are not looking any better. It’s definitely tough.

However, I have faith that everything will pull through. One thing that I have learned during my time in direct sales is that there is always something you can improve upon. My problem is getting on the phone. I have no problem with approaching people I don’t know about my business. I have no problem with doing the actual parties. but when it comes to getting on the phone and calling people to book parties, I’m a big fat chicken. I always feel like I am going to be bothering someone. And, honestly, I hate the idea of hearing no. I guess that is the result of me having worked as a telemarketer for the March of Dimes Jail and Bail event. People were soooooo rude (and for absolutely no good reason) that it has given me phone fear. And I need to get over that. Quick , fast, and in a hurry.

So this is my vow to myself:   I am going to work harder on getting my calendar filled, getting my Beachbody business off the ground, and cranking out these articles. I am also opening up my home for summer childcare. I am determined to not only pay the bills, but to also remain a work-at-home mom. So I am going to do what it takes to make that happen. Just gotta keep my eye on what motivates me…my son. Above all, I am going to continue praying to God to make a way for us.


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