Project STIR – Blueberry Crumble Pie

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One thing that I have often lamented since becoming a mom is the lack of definite traditions in my family. This feeling deepened to a definite sadness after the loss of our matriarch, Madea. It seemed that with her passing, the few traditions we did have came to an end. As time has gone on, I have become more and more determined to start traditions with my son. After all, they have to start somewhere. So we have little things like movie night and game night. Even though we don't do them every week, it feels nice to know that I have at least planted the seed. Another tradition that I want to have is to develop a family recipe collection. This desire was kindled by my friend, Sarah, who has … [Read more...]

The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

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Many of us live our lives in varying states of fear. One fear that I have been fighting is the fear of putting myself out there. Of putting myself out there for the world, only to have the world tell me that what I have to offer is not something that they value. As a blogger, I put myself out there – to an extent. However, I don’t do or say all of the things that I want to. There are stories inside of me, waiting to be told. Ideas waiting to be implemented. These stories and ideas are important to me. Perhaps that is the problem. I have such a personal investment in what I have to say and offer that the idea of it being criticized is wholly unappealing. So I struggle. With getting my … [Read more...]

Arkansas Women Bloggers University 2015: Recap, Takeaways, & Game Plans…Oh My!

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  A few weekends ago, I was given the opportunity to attend an event called Arkansas Women Bloggers University. I had attended the event the previous year, and it was a highly enjoyable and intense experience, so I was thoroughly looking forward to being able to attend this year. However, my finances were not cooperating (the stubborn thing that it is, lol). I was hoping that I would get a last minute freelance project that would cover the costs. I remained optimistic that perhaps I would be able to attend. However, I also understood that I may not be able to make it that year. That way, I would not be disappointed if I didn’t. I think that’s pretty much how I approach everything … [Read more...]

17 Free Micro-Adventures


  It's easy to think of adventure as something out of reach... too self-indulgent, too expensive, too time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be that way. This past year I've embraced the idea of "micro-adventures" as a way to add more excitement and inspiration to my daily life. A micro-adventure can be almost anything. As long as it's easy, exciting (whatever that means for you), and breaks up your routine. [Tweet "Mountain climbers need not apply. Unless it's their day off. ;) @sarahdshotts"]   I've put together a list of my favorite FREE micro-adventures to get you started. This is a great way to live your story instead of just letting the days … [Read more...]

Tell Me a Story (Guest Post by Alison Chino)


  Ten years ago I spent all my spare time curled up on my couch with a book, escaping into someone else’s story. These days I usually pass those precious minutes staring into the lit screen of my phone, but I still looking for a story to escape into. Since diving into the internet world head first as a blogger, I have read a lot of blogs. Thousands of websites have caught my attention for a minute. Or for an hour. But usually I click away never to return again. However, some blogs make me want to stick around. They leave me wanting more. Every once in a while, I land somewhere and willingly type my email address into the little box so that I can get every post delivered … [Read more...]

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