Funducational Game of the Month: Balance Beans Review

Balance Beans Review

I am always on the lookout for games, toys, and apps that are not only fun, but educational. My son, Christian, loves playing games (what kid doesn’t), so I feel like if he is going to spend so much time playing them, I might as well focus on buying ones that will also teach him valuable concepts. Earlier this year, I was hanging out with my friend and her son (who happens to be my cousin and Christian’s best friend). We decided to go to Target and do a bit of “window shopping”. As can be expected when walking through a store with two curious and excited 5-year-olds, we ended up in the toy section. That is when I was introduced to Think Fun. I was specifically looking for games that … [Read more...]

Establishing a Work-at-Home Routine That Works

work at home routine

One thing that I was surprised to learn when I started genuinely working from home was that it can be a lot more challenging than working a more traditional job. The hours can be longer. It can be more difficult to know exactly when to clock in and when to clock out. One of the things that I struggled with was finding a good balance between my home/family life and my work life. I often found that there wasn’t enough of a boundary between these two aspects of my life. In fact, when things were out of balance, it posed some serious issues on both sides. As a work-at-home mom, it is critical that you are able to draw clear lines between your business and the rest of your life. That is why I … [Read more...]

Book Series Review: “Dozi the Alligator Finds a Family” and “Hiding Dozi” by Daniel Boris

Book Series Review (2)

  If you know me even remotely well, you know that one of my all-time favorite ways to relax is to read a book. I am also really excited about anything that gets my son interested in reading (or listening to) stories. I know that getting your child to love reading isn’t always an easy task. Thankfully, we have come across several authors that have really gotten my son excited for our weekly trips to the library. We’ve also had the opportunity to receive books directly from the authors. One such author is Daniel Boris. Daniel is the illustrator responsible for the comic strip Hoxwinder Hall, which is all about an alligator named Dozi and his human friend, a little boy named … [Read more...]

Teaching My Son Compassion

Teaching My SonCompassion

FTC Disclaimer: As an ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s, I receive compensation for talking to others about how McDonald’s is part of our family’s life.    Here is a fact about me: I moved to Arkansas from Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, it was common to walk around the city and come across homeless people who asked for help. I could never bring myself to say no when I knew that I had something to give. In fact, I felt sad when I didn’t have anything to spare. I knew that no matter what challenges I faced, at least I had a safe home to go to and hot food to eat. When I was in college, I used to volunteer to work for food pantries that collected and handed out food to … [Read more...]

16 Ways Cats Are Your Toddler’s Spirit Animal

cats spirit animal

If you have spent time around kids and cats, chances are you might have noticed quite a few similarities between the two. We don’t have a cat, but I had a few growing up and one day I was thinking about how similar cats and kids are. Their toys always end up under the couch. And you are the one who has to retrieve them. You sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with one of them staring at you in a creepy manner. You spend money buying them cute and fancy toys, but they’d rather play with paper, boxes, and string. If you co-sleep, get ready to be very uncomfortable. Objects in bed are smaller than they appear. You might wake up with one of them sitting on your face. You … [Read more...]

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