Thriller Parody – “Toddler”

I just HAD to share this awesomely hilarious (and scarily familiar) Thriller parody. It plays on the way that moms can often turn into mombies (Moms + Zombies) when dealing with toddlers. This is probably relatable to any mom who has ever: *Had a toddler that refuses to sleep through the night *Had a toddler

The Lessons I Learned from Brian

FTC Disclaimer: I am one of the brand ambassadors for Arkansas Better Beginnings. In this role, I am compensated for helping to spread the word about their program. That includes blog posts such as this one. Howe Yesterday I was one of hundreds of parents and educators in attendance at the Arkansas Early Childhood Association conference

WAHM Tip: Have Goals and a Schedule

WAHM tip: Set goals and have a schedule! (Same goes for anyone who works from home) The allure of working from home is powerful! Trust me, I understand. However, so is the appeal of spending all of your time hanging out with your family and taking naps in the middle of the day (I have

Is Analysis Paralysis Holding You Back From Greatness?

Do you have a goal in mind and have an idea of how you can achieve it? Do you then sit there analyzing every single aspect of your plan?  Do you get bogged down in the murky depths of details, and research. Do you have to have a perfect plan that you tweak , retweak,

Plexus Worldwide Does it Better: Getting Plexy in Maui!

  Wondering what’s so special about this group of people? Not much really. They are just people like us: wives, husbands, mothers, fathers. Some have college educations and careers and others are stay at home parents. The big difference between them and the rest of us? They chose to join Plexus Worldwide and have TOTALLY

Give Forward to Victim of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Prank

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was very popular this summer. The challenge was designed to generate both awareness and funds for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. People who accepted the challenge would create a video

The Ferocious Fours?

So…we just got back from Hastings (where I got some really cute mommy planners, woohoo!) and Christian tested me. When we got to the checkout, he grabbed one of the inevitable pieces of chocolate that they put there to entice moms and kids into impulse buys (I seriously wish that stores and doctor’s offices would

6 Lessons I learned from “Mom’s Night Out”

This past weekend I got a coupon code from Redbox that let me rent one movie and get another one for free. As usual when I get one of those deals, I let Christian pick a movie and I picked one for myself. Christian decided on Penguins of Madagascar. I fell asleep before it ended,

Just One of Those Days

The time is now 4:34pm and I feel the need to vent. Today has been one of those days where Christian has been extremely difficult. He didn’t listen to me at the playground. Or at The Tropical Smoothie Cafe we went to for lunch. He spent the entire time we were in Goodwill demanding that

Back to My Blogging Roots

I first started blogging in September of 2010. When I wrote my first post I had about a month left before Christian was scheduled to arrive (little did I know that he would arrive nearly 2 weeks early – you can read about his early arrival here) and my intention was for my blog to be a

Books: My (Not So Secret) Love Affair

        Required FTC Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Better Beginnings. That means that as their partner, I am compensated for some of my posts. However, reading is a passion of mine and everything you read here are my genuine thoughts. I am a reader. A literature junkie. A bibliophile. Whatever

Mompreneur Highlight – Crystal Graziano

It’s been a while since I did a mompreneur spotlight, but I’m happy to get back to it by introducing you guys to someone that I met through Facebook who has become a friend. Below you will find out more about this phenomenal woman, mom, and budding entrepreneur. I hope that you take the time

Whistlefritz Review – ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs CD

As I have mentioned many times, it is my desire and goal that Christian and I both become at least conversational in another language. I think that it is an important skill and one that will become even more critical as time goes on. That’s why I always jump at the opportunity to try out

Pimsleur Approach Review: Spanish 1 Language Learning Course

I am a big believer in tearing down language barriers. I have long wanted to learn a second language. Maybe even a third and a fourth. It can be helpful in so many ways. It can make you more competitive in business. It can open you up to developing relationships with people you otherwise wouldn’t

The Power of Fun-ducation: Learning Through Play

~The Required FTC Disclaimer: As an ambassador for Arkansas Better Beginnings, I am compensated for some posts. However, I am doing this because I believe in their mission. Anything that I write will be my own, original, genuine thoughts. ~ When it comes to teaching our kids, I am a big believer in what I