Tell Me a Story (Guest Post by Alison Chino)


  Ten years ago I spent all my spare time curled up on my couch with a book, escaping into someone else’s story. These days I usually pass those precious minutes staring into the lit screen of my phone, but I still looking for a story to escape into. Since diving into the internet world head first as a blogger, I have read a lot of blogs. Thousands of websites have caught my attention for a minute. Or for an hour. But usually I click away never to return again. However, some blogs make me want to stick around. They leave me wanting more. Every once in a while, I land somewhere and willingly type my email address into the little box so that I can get every post delivered … [Read more...]

StoryLiving for StoryTelling

StoryLiving for StoryTelling (1)

Last year, I was given the great opportunity to attend a blogging conference with the lovely ladies of Arkansas Women Bloggers. I spent 3 days learning about the art of blogging, hanging out with some amazing women, and generally having my mind blown by the possibilities. Picking which of the many awesome sessions to attend was difficult, and I wish that I could have attended them all. However, I immensely enjoyed the ones that I did choose. There is one set of sessions that stuck out to me then and still resonates with me. It was called StoryLiving for StoryTelling and it was hosted by Alison Chino. The description of the session said that Alison would talk about "how living great … [Read more...]

I Am More Than a Mom

more than a mom

I am more than a mom. This seems to be something that I forgot when I made the transition from being a 25 year old college graduate to becoming a mom. Becoming a mom was the single most important event in my life thus far. It truly did change my life. Suddenly I had this little person in my arms that was completely dependent on me. And I loved him. It was instant. I loved him while he was in my womb, but I really didn’t know how much love I was capable of until I held him in my arms and got to see his sweet (albeit bloated) little face. The best way that I can describe the experience of becoming a mom is to turn to Breaking Dawn (yes, I am about to quote Twilight). [Spoiler Alert!] … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: Practicing Self-Love

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Today, Mandie from Women are Hungry talks to us about the importance of self-love to our overall fitness. Learning to love is not so hard. Learning to love ourselves, however, seems to be more of a challenge. We are taught at a young age (whether consciously or subconsciously) to critique our bodies. We are taught to stand in the mirror and loathe our less flattering areas. I think that as we try to get healthier bodies we must also work on healthier minds.  [Tweet "Learning to love yourself where you are = mental fitness."] I've been there. * Trying to homeschool the kids * Mountains of laundry I could lose my kids under * Cleaning a house - well attempting to clean … [Read more...]

Busy Mom’s Guide to Eating Habits

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Mandie from Women are Hungry presents the second installment of...   I have spent most of my life staying home with my kids. My days consist of coloring, diapers, breast feeding, laundry and looking in the mirror wondering why I have such little self-control. Aren't I supposed to be preoccupied with finding my ‘before-baby’ body? I would stare and think “if only I had enough self-control to not eat”. I wanted so desperately to have that ideal societal-standard body. That would be a glorious day! I would be skinny, controlled and perfect. Then I could stand in my cleaning rags, baby on hip, and look in the mirror and approve of who I was. I need THAT body. We, as women, have … [Read more...]

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