Fitness Friday: Practicing Self-Love

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Today, Mandie from Women are Hungry talks to us about the importance of self-love to our overall fitness. Learning to love is not so hard. Learning to love ourselves, however, seems to be more of a challenge. We are taught at a young age (whether consciously or subconsciously) to critique our bodies. We are taught to stand in the mirror and loathe our less flattering areas. I think that as we try to get healthier bodies we must also work on healthier minds.  [Tweet "Learning to love yourself where you are = mental fitness."] I've been there. * Trying to homeschool the kids * Mountains of laundry I could lose my kids under * Cleaning a house - well attempting to clean … [Read more...]

Busy Mom’s Guide to Eating Habits

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Mandie from Women are Hungry presents the second installment of...   I have spent most of my life staying home with my kids. My days consist of coloring, diapers, breast feeding, laundry and looking in the mirror wondering why I have such little self-control. Aren't I supposed to be preoccupied with finding my ‘before-baby’ body? I would stare and think “if only I had enough self-control to not eat”. I wanted so desperately to have that ideal societal-standard body. That would be a glorious day! I would be skinny, controlled and perfect. Then I could stand in my cleaning rags, baby on hip, and look in the mirror and approve of who I was. I need THAT body. We, as women, have … [Read more...]

Mommy Confession: I Had to Apologize to My Son


I'll be honest: I am not the most patient person in the world. Sometimes I get irritated about simple things. Sometimes I lose my temper. When I do, I feel bad. So I apologize. [Tweet "I fully believe that parents can make mistakes and that when we do, we should own up to it."] For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a beta group for a cool product that a blogger friend of mine created. Today is the due date for the feedback survey, so I sat down to fill it out. I wanted to be sure that I provided thorough feedback, so I went into my office so that I could focus. Enter: Christian. Mama. Mama! Mamaaaaa! WHAT, SON?! I am trying to work and you're distracting me! … [Read more...]

Busy Mom’s Guide to Workout Habits (by Mandie from Women are Hungry)


Mandie Hall from Women are Hungry takes over the blog for our first installment of... One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do I find the time to workout with kids, homeschool, job, etc?” I could answer that with some useless comment like “you make the time,” but that would not be true, nor would it be helpful to you in any way. There seems to be this idea of guilt floating around that goes something like this, “If you are dedicated to getting healthy, then you can and will workout at any cost”. FALSE.  If you have ever held on to any guilt that you are simply too lazy, too full of excuses, or too fill-in-the-blank, lets just put that where it belongs...IN THE … [Read more...]

Mommy Confession: I Wish I Had Listened to My Mom

I resented my mom for telling me how to

I am in a local mommy group on Facebook. A few days ago, one of the moms was expressing her frustration about her family's constant input about how she was raising her children. I could relate oh-so-well to that. For a long time, I felt resentment towards my mother for constantly criticizing how I was raising my son. It felt like I couldn't do anything right in her eyes. So whenever she told me to do something, I pretty much wrote it off. Maybe it is my Aquarian nature. We are known to be decisive, stubborn, and non-conformists. Neither of those are bad traits, but they can definitely manifest themselves in negative ways. For me, this combination manifested in my not implementing her … [Read more...]

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